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Food Sanitation Contract Services

Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. (PSSI) has been the market leader in contract sanitation services for over 40 years.

The Food Industry's Largest Sanitation Customer Base

With 325 food processing plants cleaned daily and 10,000 employees, no other company in the food market has broader experience, more boots on the ground, or a larger pool of customers than PSSI. Our distinctive business model used in the contract cleaning market today was developed, tested, and refined by our people. PSSI has the standardized systems and refined processes in place to handle any sanitation challenge.

Recognized As Market Leader In Contract Cleaning

We have continued for over 40 years as the market leader through positive word of mouth rather than acquisition. Today, we deliver over 300 plants for USDA inspection every day. We deliver those plants clean -on time -on budget. That is our mission.

A Proactive Approach To Food Sanitation Improvements

PSSI has the capacity to meet the difficult logistics of new plant start-ups, support plant challenges, and exceed your expectations. PSSI sustains a proactive program of service that includes our internal Operation Audits, Food Safety Audits, and Employee Safety Audits. This program is documented, routinely scheduled, and tracked to ensure we get the job done right.

Complete Management Of Your Food Sanitation And Contract Cleaning Needs

PSSI has the systems and processes in place to simplify your sanitation program. We handle staffing issues while exceeding government standards for employment. PSSI manages a Food Safety Program with dedicated specialists trained to have our customers audit-ready at all times. We field an Employee Safety Team to help ensure a safe working environment for our people and we have an Operations Management Team with the highest production and sanitation experience in the industry.

Fixed Cost Structure Eliminates All The Variables

Handling your own sanitation program means dealing with a tremendous amount of unpredictable variable costs. However, when you make the change from in-house sanitation to PSSI contract cleaning program, you move your costs from variable to fixed! Take a look at this list of typical variable costs and it's clear to see why the PSSI fixed cost solution is the right choice!

Performance Based Sanitation

Performance Based Sanitation (PBS) is program with the objective of increasing production time and decreasing overall sanitation and utility costs. By increasing production runs and minimizing weekly sanitation time, overall plant costs are dramatically reduced. Cost reductions include water, chemicals, refrigeration, wastewater treatment, pre-op costs, and sanitation labor. PBS allows a facility to run more production while meeting USDA guidelines for quality. Maintaining a refrigerated environment and providing in-process clean-up of work areas through dry pick-up or low pressure water rinses minimizes bacteria growth.

This program makes sense based on increased production and reduced costs. From a sanitation perspective, it provides a difficult challenge. How do you maintain a solid sanitation staff when work hours are reduced or irregular? PSSI has the experience with PBS to answer this difficult issue. We understand and have a PBS based plan for meeting the unique needs this program presents. Contact us today if you want to learn more about PBS options for your facility.

Contract Cleaning Key BenefitsManaging a food sanitation program can consume a substantial portion of your daily operating resources. Outsourcing these services allows you to focus on your primary business.

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The PSSI Food Safety Team prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors.

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