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Food Sanitation Contract Services

Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. (PSSI) has been the market leader in contract sanitation services for nearly 40 years.

PSSI Business Conduct

Ethics and Integrity
  • Ethical business conduct top to bottom
  • Ethical conduct ensures that our employees are safer, healthier, happier and more secure
Guiding Principles
  • Compliance With All State and Federal Laws
  • Never Knowingly Assist any Third Party to Violate any State or Federal Law
  • Never Pay or Receive Bribes
  • Honor Business Obligations with Integrity
  • Maintain Accurate Business Records
  • PSSI Managers and supervisors will communicate laws and PSSI policy and compliance - Managers are responsible for preventing, detecting, and reporting violations
  • PSSI employees will not become involved with situations that create a conflict of interest between the company and employees.


  • Work Continuously to Reduce Our Environmental Footprint
  • Promote Innovative Ideas to operate more efficiently use fewer non-renewable resources
  • Environmental Partners -As we work hard to reduce our environmental footprint on the world, we partner with organizations that demonstrate global leadership in protecting our natural resources. These partner programs and projects protect and improve accessibility to water resources, educate children about conservation and preservation, and promote management practices that reduce impact and promote sustainability.


  • From volunteering to charitable giving - part of our mission is to give back wherever we have a business presence.


How We Treat Our Employees
  • It's about the people. Our success depends on the success of our employees. Every employee has the opportunity to participate in making the business better. We provide our employees the opportunity to develop their skills and grow with the Company. At PSSI, you'll find a commitment to treating each other, our customers, suppliers, and our communities with fairness and respect.
  • As part of our commitment to our employees and community, we have an excellent benefits program which includes the ability to participate in our different benefits packages including: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, 401k with matching funds and Dental Insurance.
  • At PSSI, we believe that our business thrives when everyone matters, and that the true strength of diversity is unleashed when every employee is encouraged to reach their full potential. PSSI embraces respects and empowers differences in our workforce. Our commitment to diversity helps us serve our customers better. Our differences are our strength.
Worker Safety
  • From our management team to our employees and customers we make worker safety our top priority.
  • We firmly believe that people, not equipment or capital, are the reason for our success. We know our employees are the most valued asset and resource of our company. We maintain that employee safety must always be considered and incorporated into the process when performing any task.
  • PSSI management team is totally committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We recognize that trained management will lead to increased efficiencies and fewer safety violations. Our program focuses on training, monitoring and enforcement of employee safety at all times.

Food Safety

  • A simple definition of food safety is protecting people from illness or injury from handling or consuming food. But providing food safety can be complex. Efforts must be applied at every step in the process from where foods are produced through where they are consumed. Yet food safety practices, legislation and regulatory oversight vary. Our programs must consistently exceed governmental regulations for sanitation.
  • We embrace Partnership and Standards
  • PSSI Promotes Innovation at every level of our organization

Contract Cleaning Key BenefitsManaging a food sanitation program can consume a substantial portion of your daily operating resources. Outsourcing these services allows you to focus on your primary business.

More Contract Cleaning Benefits

Food Safety Team
The PSSI Food Safety Team prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors.

PSSI Food Safety Team Details

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