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The PSSI Continuous Improvement Process can help reduce your overall operations costs.

PSSI maintains a formal Continuous Improvement Process to assist our customers in identifying, documenting, assessment, and implementation of process improvements. Our field people are trained on the concepts and opportunities of using a formal process to capture overall savings. The PSSI team sees your operation at a different time of the day and we are trained to recognize operational savings which are often times overlooked.

Managing costs to ensure efficient and profitable operations

The sanitation process involves many steps that could adversely affect your bottom line if performed inadequately: water and energy waste; damaged equipment; dry pick-up; pre-op and on-time delivery of the production floor; day chemical distribution and management; equipment and production floor setup. The PSSI team recognizes the need to manage these costs to have an efficient and profitable operation. We look for opportunities to reduce and eliminate waste to yield the most efficient method to clean your facility.

Identifying and documenting both hard and soft savings opportunities

Identifying those opportunities is only the first step in the process. PSSI managers are trained how to document and dollarize both hard and soft savings. Weekly our plants managers are expected to report cost savings and these are put into a spreadsheet to formalize the documentation process. This documentation justifies the savings, quantifies the amount, and calculates the impact to your facility.

Implementing change to capture maximum savings

The most important step of the continuous improvement process is implementation. In many cases these savings can be handled by the PSSI team. In other cases, we will work with your local management team to take the necessary steps to capture the savings.

The PSSI program can help you reduce your overall operations costs!

Continuous Improvement processes are advanced methods we can use to deliver savings. This process requires education, training, processes, and expectations. At PSSI we have this system in place. Ask your PSSI representative today to see how this can help reduce your overall operations costs.

Fixed cost structure eliminates all the variables

Handling your own sanitation program means dealing with a tremendous amount of unpredictable variable costs. However, when you make the change from in-house sanitation to PSSI contract cleaning program, you move your costs from variable to fixed! Take a look at this list of typical variable costs and it's clear to see why the PSSI fixed cost solution is the right choice!

Fixed Cost Structure vs. Variable Cost
PSSI offers a fixed cost pricing structure, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty around a wide range of variable costs.

PSSI Fixed Cost Pricing Structure

Food Safety Team
The PSSI Food Safety Team prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors.

PSSI Food Safety Team Details

Employee Safety Training
The PSSI Safety Team has the expertise needed to tackle challenging issues and improve safety performance.

PSSI Employee Safety Program