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Food Sanitation Contract Services

Outsourcing your food sanitation program to Packers Sanitation allows you to spend more time focusing on your primary business instead.

Key Benefits of Food Contract Cleaning

  • Outsourcing staffing and HR issues for your sanitation program
  • Minimizing your exposure to accidents in a dangerous portion of your plant operation
  • Moving your sanitation costs to fixed versus variable
  • Ability to outsource the responsibility of on-time start-ups for production

Key Benefits of Using PSSI as Your Food Sanitation Contractor

  • Experience and reputation with 38 years of contract cleaning and food sanitation services
  • Dedicated Food Safety Team with a goal of keeping your facility audit ready at all times
  • Former USDA vet and USDA inspectors on our staff
  • Performance guarantees for starting your production on-time
  • E-Verified staffing and a mission to exceed government standards for employment
  • Dedicated Employee Safety Team to handle training, monitoring, and enforcement of all sanitation safety
  • Quarterly training of our Operations, Food Safety, and Safety Teams
  • Performance Based Sanitation (PBS) programs and experience
  • BlackBerry connected management team for immediate communication of information
  • Coast-to Coast coverage and standardized processes to ensure consistent quality
  • Formal Continuous Improvement Program to identify and document savings
  • Documented service calls covering Operations, Food Safety, and Employee Safety
  • Corporate support system to simplify billing, communications, and documentation
  • Experience in Protein Market, Food Processing, and Bakeries

The PSSI Fixed Cost Structure Eliminates the Guesswork

Handling your own sanitation program means dealing with a tremendous amount of unpredictable variable costs. However, when you make the change from in-house sanitation to PSSI contract cleaning program, you move your costs from variable to fixed! Take a look at this list of typical variable costs and it's clear to see why the PSSI fixed cost solution is the right choice!

Food Safety Team
The PSSI Food Safety Team prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors.

PSSI Food Safety Team Details

Employee Safety Training
The PSSI Safety Team has the expertise needed to tackle challenging issues and improve safety performance.

PSSI Employee Safety Program

Get Started with PSSI Contract Cleaning
We'll walk you through the steps that will get you started down a path of safe, relaible contract cleaning services.

Learn How to Get Started with PSSI Food Sanitation Services