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Food Sanitation Contract Services

The goal of our food safety and Third Party Audit Preparedness Program is to be "Audit-Ready" at all times!

When it comes to the sanitation part of the 3rd. party auditor process, we will be the ones to maintain the programs. The areas that make our program fulfill these goals include GMP's, Documentation, Chemical Control and Continuous Training. Our Food Safety Coordinators are extensively trained in a wide range of areas to include SQF, BRC, HACCP Certification and Certified Food Safety Professional.


Our GMP program is based on the specifications in CFR 21 part 110, however we will also honor any GMP program of our respective clients to ensure uniformity in their operation.


If it isn't documented it didn't happen and our programs are built around that premise. Our Cleaning Procedure Manual is the document that ties all the information together on how we clean the plant, what chemicals are used, who and when the employees are trained on the procedures and chemical use, etc. Also included in the Cleaning Procedure Manual is the Master Sanitation Schedule. Documentation is organized, up to date, ready, and available at the client's request.

Chemical Control

Our program addresses training for chemical handling, an index of the chemicals used, copies of the MSDS sheets, Letters of Guarantee and Copies of Labels. The chemical control section also contains a section on how to titrate the concentrations of chemicals used as well as a log, documenting the daily titrations of cleaners and sanitizers.

Daily practices

3RD party auditors require many things as they observe the sanitation process. Bases on our extensive experiences with 3rd party auditors we have established a standard of daily practices to meet the auditors expectations. These daily practices allow for zero or minimal point deductions during the auditing process.

Continuous Training

Training for our employees starts the day that they are hired. We feel that it is important that we continue that training throughout their career with us. Listed below is a sample of the training that our employees receive:
  Safety and Ergonomic Training Weekly
  Food Safety Newsletters Bi-Weekly
  Human Resources Newsletters Bi-Weekly
  Management Safety Training Monthly
  Management Food Safety Training Monthly
  GMP'S Quarterly
  LOTO Periodic Training Quarterly
  Management continuous training Quarterly

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