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Food Sanitation Contract Services

The PSSI Food Safety Team prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors.

PSSI employs a dedicated Food Safety Team consisting of a team of over 50 Technical Services Associates located regionally throughout the U.S. The daily efforts of our associates are directed by a dedicated Food Safety Manager who oversees the daily service visits, documentation of audits, and support to our customer base. PSSI routinely prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors such as BRC, SQF, Silliker, Cook & Thurber, Kraft, and YUM Brands, as well as others. On average, we handle sixteen 3rd party audits per week in our customer plants.

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Food Safety Team Background

Our Food Safety team is a group with a diverse background including a former USDA DVM and USDA line inspector, former plant managers, Quality Assurance supervisors, each is trained as a Certified Food Safety Professional and Coordinators have had extensive training with SQF principals and practices conducted by certified SQF trainers. We hold training classes for this team quarterly and each is connected to our Blackberry network to provide immediate updates on 3rd party audit expectations or challenging issues are communicated across the Food Safety Team within 24-hours.

Food Safety and Food Sanitation Documentation

An Assigned Food Safety Coordinator will work with the Sanitation Manager and Client Management to comply with all food safety and documentation needs. PSSI provides customers with complete cleaning procedure program tailored for the sanitation manager's and customer's needs. This documentation typically includes:
  • On-going Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training (every 3 months)
  • All employee procedure training
  • Chemical handling and HAZMAT training
  • We provide our customers with complete Master Sanitation Schedules
  • We provide cleaning chemicals and sanitizer documentation on the appropriate frequency
  • We supply documented pre-op and corrective actions
  • PSSI develops documented preventive measures
  • Quarterly audits are conducted for all accounts for procedure compliance
  • On-Site training on food safety is conducted a minimum of 12 hours annually

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