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Food Sanitation Contract Services

Make the transition to PSSI and begin to simplify and reduce the overall costs of your food sanitation program.

A Proven Process to Ensure a Smooth Transition

PSSI has standardized processes in place using best practices to ensure your operation does not miss a beat while making this positive change to your food sanitation program. PSSI makes the up-front investment to properly support the change, anticipate possible hurdles, and minimize any disruptions not only to the sanitation process but more importantly your production. PSSI is one of few companies with the overall employment size to swiftly and efficiently take over a meat and poultry sanitation crew from 25 to 250. During our start-ups we have experienced support staff on-site until both you and our management team feel the transition process is complete.

In-House Transition to Food Sanitation and Contract Cleaning

PSSI has the systems in place to absorb the best people on your team who want to stay in food sanitation or replace them depending on ability, technical knowledge, and experience. We have a program to ease the employee's concerns on pay, benefits, rollover into our health/dental insurance without a waiting period, pay matching, and honoring seniority for vacation purposes that may cause disruptions with other contract cleaners. We are on-site ahead of the changeover with our Food Safety, Safety, and Operations Team to interview prospects, look for safety hazards, and prepare sanitation manuals to exceed not only your expectations but those of the USDA or third party auditors. Overall sanitation program simplification and cost reduction is our objective.

Transition from Another Food Contract Cleaner

PSSI has the experience and people to handle any difficult transition. We have handled and supported start-ups where other companies have walked off the job prior to a change or caused disruptions. We work to make any and all transitions smooth and amicable. We can handle the full spectrum of transition from complete crew change-out to crew integration without missing the important goal - get the plant clean, on time, and on budget.

Food Safety Team
The PSSI Food Safety Team prepares and assists plants in exceeding the expectations of 3rd party auditors.

PSSI Food Safety Team Details

Employee Safety Training
The PSSI Safety Team has the expertise needed to tackle challenging issues and improve safety performance.

PSSI Employee Safety Program

Fixed Cost Structure vs. Variable Cost
PSSI offers a fixed cost pricing structure, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty around a wide range of variable costs.

PSSI Fixed Cost Pricing Structure